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MI_HOME_Winter_2011It is an honor and a privilege to be a regular editorial writer and contributing valuable information regarding the kitchen and bath industry. Michigan HOME and Lifestyle is a quarterly magazine that has a circulation up to 40,000 per issue and reaches more than 350,000 consumers annually.

The regional sections include West, Southwest, Southeast, Northern, and Mid-Michigan. Readers find a wealth of information about building, remodeling, decorating, landscaping, and living in and traveling throughout Michigan. Michigan HOME and Lifestyle is based out of Michigan, published and printed in Michigan, by Michigan writers, about topics of interest to the Michigan homeowner.



 mi-home-sep-2011-image  The kitchen backsplash is the focal point of the kitchen, offering visual appeal to complement and enhance the kitchen and surrounding rooms. A carefully selected backsplash can make a modest home look classy and elegant. Therefore, when choosing an appropriate kitchen backsplash it should blend and complement your countertop, cabinetry and other decorating designs. Glass is a beautiful choice for a backsplash application whether you select colored glass panels or glass wall tiles. For instance, if you want to create a particular color scheme or theme in your kitchen, you can use different colors and shapes of glass. While glass tiles have been a popular kitchen backsplash material for years, a new option has garnered rave reviews from designers and homeowners alike: solid sheets of glass. These solid sheets are custom-made for each project, guaranteeing a perfect fit.  Continue reading