lighted-glass-island-counteGlass has its place in every space from our kitchens and bathrooms, of course, but also in our living areas and office spaces. Remarkable, functional glass can be colorful, luminous and distinctive much in the way that art can be. Glass can integrate utility with beauty and create both astonishing and pleasing applications when you are seeking that one-of-a-kind look.

In the countertop, kitchen and bath industry, glass can be utilized in a variety of applications because of its strength and durability— something commonly overlooked. In fact, manufactured, engineered glass countertops that are fabricated using a thermo fusion process can be suspended for lengths of up to eight feet long without using a base and are five times stronger than other types of countertop glass products. The unique heating and cooling manufacturing process helps to structure the molecules, therefore improving scratch and heat resistance as well as structural strength.

Glass is much stronger than products currently available on the market today and a wise choice because of its mold and mildew resistance. Engineered, thermofused glass is priced comparable to other high-end countertop choices. Glass is a non-porous, very hygienic and naturally an anti-bacterial surface that makes clean up a breeze with no chemical cleaners needed, and virtually a maintenance free material.

Glass requires no special sealing, re-sealing or polishing, making glass an irresistible alternative to designers, architects and builders. These countertops can also withstand heated temperatures up to 500 degrees. This is very useful when used for island or countertop applications involving cooktops and ovens.

Modern and sophisticated glass can make a statement in an array of applications for residential, commercial or even outdoor applications. The possibilities in design are practically endless when you are considering glass. With each new design opportunity, whether it is creating a table, countertop, sink or backsplash, the result will be unique and beautiful. Eating and cooking surfaces that are functional, yet practical, can be created for a stunning effect that can blend smoothly with finely crafted cabinetry.

One of the most innovative characteristics of designing and specifying glass is the infinite choice and selection of colors, textures, thickness and edge profile detail. Customization within your glass design can also be achieved. Engineered, high-end glass manufactures can allow the limitless imagination to flow with crystal and natural clear colors, luxurious deep blues and onyx hues, as well as elegant amber and azurlite colored glass. Another exciting choice of coloring can be recycled glass powder paint fused in between layers of the glass creating a totally customized look and offering a medley of design applications. Textures of the glass can add lasting opulence ranging from heavily rigid and veined, to a simply smooth surface. Compared to other countertop materials, glass captures and reflects the light, giving it a unique quality to each piece. Glass produces a light effect that is both weightless and radiant. When considering glass back splashes, perhaps lit with LED lighting, the heavier texture should be chosen for maximum radiance.

LED lighting can be an essential part of presenting your glass application whether it is a countertop, backsplash, bathroom vanity, glass vessel, waterfalls or glass shower doors. Glass craftsmen can work with designers to travel beyond conventional thinking and create artistic pieces for the kitchen or any other part of the home, with their very own LED lighting systems in which can change color. Tables, countertops, bathroom basins and shower door walls can resemble blocks of cool hard ice with cool white LED lighting as well as vivid red and green LED lighting. This type of application can offer an element of customization for an individual look with a blend of art and function.

Glass manufacturing companies that create engineered, fabricated glass also realize the importance of green building material and have implemented ways to accomplish this while in production. The use of recycled glass powder paint and glass, along with chemical-free glass fusing made with 100 percent hydroelectric power are components used in the production of this green offering.

Glass is a never ending re-use product. Manufactured glass countertops can be removed and moved to another site within the home or a new home with no fret of scrapping the countertop. Interchangeable substrates of stainless steel, copper and tin are versatile options when you are creating that natural, soothing look.

The creativity in glass is limitless. From walls to waterfalls, countertop to bath basins, glass can be stunning and spectacular in creating your custom green design.