red-bowl-00The use of natural glass is believed to date back to ancient Egypt and Eastern Mesopotamia when the basic raw materials of glass were being used principally to produce glazes on pots and vases. Through the years, glass making has been perfected, and infinite glass choices are available in the marketplace today.

Today’s hottest countertop trend is glass. Whether the countertop acts as a stunning focal point or a more subtle design element, upscale countertops are increasingly appearing in other areas of the home and commercial projects. Distinctive and rich tones of color like artistic red, golden amber, calming azurlite and sophisticated onyx are available. The thickness of your glass countertop can be a standard inch and a half to ten inches thick with an edge profile that is polished or rippled. Creativity and imagination go hand-in-hand when you are personalizing with glass products for a specific space. LED lighted glass countertops and backsplashes can be a striking application for kitchens, wet bars and other entertaining spaces.

Designing powder rooms and baths need not be limited to the standard shower door application. There is an abundance of choices for spectacularly unique under mount basins and vessels. Complete vanities with customized thickness and edge profiles, along with integrated LED lighting systems, can now be selected. Double and single, integral sink countertops, as well as rectangular and triangular vessels are now available in several different colors and textures.

When you are specifying professionally made glass products for the home or commercial space, you can rest assured that you recommending a 100 percent natural product. Glass is a fully recyclable, non-porous and almost a maintenance free material. Glass countertops and sinks are sturdy and made of highly resistant glass, and are scratch and stain resistant. Professionally made, sinks resist breakage due to small accidents, such as dropping a brush or small objects into basins because of a unique thermal-fusion process.

If you are looking to choose a glass countertop or sink that does not scratch, you must seek a glass manufacturer that fabricates the glass by using a thermo-infused process. This is a unique heating and cooling process that helps to restructure the molecules and provides the glass with structural strength. The effects of ultra clear colored glass are a source of fascination. Natural light gleams through glass creating a lovely color mutation; electricity is transformed into a romantic glow. Glass is a decorative device that allows the element of subtle change and unpredictability and it is this variable quality that makes glass such a creative medium.

As we move forward into a beautiful season of restored freshness, and colorful hews of red springtime flowers, consider a manufactured engineered piece of glass countertop or vessel for your next innovative project. Glass will allow you to be design-driven and reflect today’s clean and pure lines. Build a signature, be exclusive with your next space planning design, and incorporate a “natural” piece of crafted glass within.